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Every work day that I go into the office, I have a routine.  I come in, say my normal “good morning” to the guy, in full motorcycle gear, who arrives at the office with me at 7 am.  I sit down.  Login.  Figure out what’s critically important.  Respond to the VERY first thing.  And go grab coffee. Some days this routine takes me a total of 15 minutes; some days it takes me 2 hours.  Either way, I take a quick break.

I’ve been off and on social media for the last couple of weeks.  The happenings of the world are draining me.  I’ve lost my  “fun.”  With each death, my desire to smile fades.  With each protest, my heart  worries.  I’m struggling.  I’m sure that other’s feel what I feel, but for now, I must break.  “Coffee” is needed, and I have no choice but to find my “fun.”  The enemy can’t have it.  Hatred isn’t worth losing it over.  And racism isn’t eloquent enough to deserve it.

Care to join me for coffee?

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