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Every work day that I go into the office, I have a routine.  I come in, say my normal “good morning” to the guy, in full motorcycle gear, who arrives at the office with me at 7 am.  I sit down.  Login.  Figure out what’s

…how to act when…

I want to get on the “how black men should act when interacting with the police” bandwagon that I’ve been seeing floating around the internet for black men…but the truth is I can’t. Here’s why…basic statistics. It’s been estimated that there are approximately 1.1 million


Sometimes the illusion of a good thing is enough to send us women into LaLa land. We sell ourselves a dream. We concoct all of these fairy-tale “ever after’s” and settle in situations that look more like a damn horror movie! Stop selling yo’ damn


How exciting is this! My first ever blog! I’ve been hearing forever “Q you need to write this stuff down!”  “Q get off Facebook and get you a website…” Welp, here me is and here me go! After YEARS of hearing it…I’ve finally sat still